I AM a highly dedicated leader. I believe in collaborative endeavour, participatory and transparent decision making processes, and building the capacity of teachers to inspire innovation and leadership in others. I have always sought to serve the best interests of my school by responding positively to new challenges, and bring ideas, energy and enthusiasm to my school communities. I have been rewarded with a diverse and rich array of opportunities across a wide range of ages, grade levels, diversity of student engagement and learning needs.

I TEACH with passion and seek to create learning environments where I can best express my commitment to inspire learning and deliver quality academic and social outcomes. I believe that used well, technology can contribute towards exciting and innovative experiences.

I LEAD by:

  • Caring for the social, emotional and academic progress of children
  • Having high expectations and and ambition for student success;
  • Providing professional development and opportunities to foster opportunities within the school community;
  • Building a detailed profile of each student through quality assessment, data analysis and  communication;
  • Working collaboratively within teams and fostering innovation and inspirational change;
  • Providing opportunities for authentic learning opportunities;
  • Developing partnerships with parents, business and community;
  • Self evaluation based honesty, integrity and humility; and
  • Being inspirational as an educator and leader.

I VALUE working in a learning culture that is collaborative and driven to innovate.

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